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Which features are available on IDAGIO Free?
Which features are available on IDAGIO Free?

Learn more about the listening experience on IDAGIO Free.

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With IDAGIO Free, you can use our service without starting a subscription. You will be able to stream our complete catalogue in radio mode, meaning you can select and play any album, playlist, recording or composer, and we’ll play you recommendations based on that selection.

Whilst IDAGIO Free users do have access to our full collection, there are a few features that are exclusive to our Premium and Premium+ subscribers. As an IDAGIO Premium or IDAGIO Premium+ subscriber you can:

  • Choose and play any track with on-demand playback

  • Create your own, unlimited Collection 

  • Play your music anywhere, anytime with our offline mode

  • Skip as many tracks as you like

  • Listen to your music without interruptions

  • Access high-quality audio formats

  • Connect to your third party devices and sound systems

Try IDAGIO Premium+ for free for 14 days! Follow this link to find out how:

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