Connecting IDAGIO to Sonos

Lossless audio quality needs a high-end device: listen to IDAGIO through your Sonos device

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We recommend using our app directly for instances in which you want to search and compare between different interpretations and recordings and using Sonos directly to play music from your favourite music in your Collection.

Please note that it is not possible to stream via the Sonos app unless you are a Premium or Premium+ subscriber.

Stream from the Sonos app

To listen to IDAGIO on your Sonos device, you have to add IDAGIO within your Sonos app first.

  1. Open your Sonos app and select Add Music Service

  2. Select IDAGIO from the list and tap Add to Sonos

  3. Follow the steps in order to log in to your IDAGIO account

  4. Once completed, you can stream IDAGIO through Browse within the Sonos app. You can also stream directly from the IDAGIO app to your Sonos device. To do that, select your Sonos system in devices available (iOS) or by selecting the speaker icon (Android, Desktop).

Stream from the IDAGIO app

Once you are logged in to your account and start playback, you can use the feature Available Devices (mobile), or Connect to Device (desktop) at the bottom of the playback bar to select your Sonos device. Here's how to find this function on your device: on Desktop, or our mobile apps:



When using iOS, it is important to allow the IDAGIO app to access the local network for Sonos integration to work properly.

Simply search for IDAGIO in your iOS Settings and enable the Local Network access.

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