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How to use IDAGIO on CarPlay
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Thanks to Apple CarPlay, you can listen to IDAGIO in your car and control your listening experience directly from your car's built-in dashboard system.

How to use IDAGIO on CarPlay

In order to play IDAGIO through CarPlay, simply follow these setup instructions below:

  1. Start your car. Make sure Siri is enabled and activated in your iPhone

  2. Connect your iPhone to your car, either with a cable or wirelessly — depending on your car's system

    When you connect your iPhone to your car for the first time, you might receive a popup screen asking for your permission to allow the use of CarPlay while your device is locked. Press Allow to proceed.

  3. Open the IDAGIO app on your iPhone

  4. Log in to your IDAGIO account

  5. Using your car's dashboard system, open Apple CarPlay

  6. Find and tap the IDAGIO app on CarPlay's interface

Note: in order to play correctly on CarPlay, the IDAGIO app needs to remain open in your iPhone. You may lock your phone, but please keep IDAGIO open.

Closing IDAGIO would cause our app in CarPlay to become unresponsive. If this happens, simply reopen the IDAGIO app on your iPhone and try again.

In our CarPlay version, the screen is divided in three sections: Discover, Moods, and Collection:

  • At the top of the Discover section, you'll find a Play Radio button. This would provide you with a randomised selection of all music on Discover. On this tab you can also find our complete Playlist and Album selection. In order to start music playback, simply tap the selection of your choice.

  • The Moods tab works exactly as our iPhone version — select a mood and let IDAGIO cater curated pieces according to your selection.

  • The Collection tab also mimics its iPhone counterpart. However, please note that the section Playlists combines your Personal playlists and Curated playlists in one single list. Playlists created by you take priority and are shown at the top of the list.

Once you start music playback, you'll find a Now Playing icon by the top-right corner:

Tapping Now Playing opens the playback screen.

Besides the usual playback buttons, our interface offers our users the following options, from left to right:

  • To the left, a Shuffle button, to randomise the order in the current selection;

  • To the right, a Repeat button. Tap it once for Repeat all, twice for Repeat current track;

  • In the middle, the icon (…). Tap it to add the current track to your Collection.

Note: some options might not be available for IDAGIO Free users

You're ready to enjoy your favourite classical music!

The cloud icon

Note that the cloud icon indicates that you are streaming content from the Internet. When it appears next to a list, it means the content you're playing has not been previously downloaded to your iPhone — and therefore will use mobile data.

Quality and Playback Settings

The CarPlay version of IDAGIO mimics the settings on your iPhone. Therefore, in order to change audio quality or toggle Autoplay Recommendations off, you simply need to do that on your iPhone.

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