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How do I discover music on IDAGIO?
How do I discover music on IDAGIO?

Curated playlists, new releases & IDAGIO exclusives

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Discover Page

On the Discover tab, you can browse through featured new releases, curated playlists and recommendations, as well as content exclusively available on IDAGIO.

If you see a playlist or album you like, click the play button to start listening, or click on the cover art to see the track list and more details.

You can also click on each heading to reveal even more recommendations in each category. For example, if you click on the heading "Featured New Albums", you will get to a curated page containing even more recommendations sorted by trending albums, pre-release tracks and singles, and new albums sorted by genre.


You can also discover new music with the IDAGIO Moods player. Simply select the mood you want to be in, and immediately start listening to music that was carefully selected by our in-house experts to reflect that mood.

Your Weekly Mix

Once you have listened to IDAGIO for a while, you will get a Weekly Mix. This is an automatic selection of pieces based on your personal taste. Your listens and favourites are paired with metadata from our catalogue in order to find music we think you'll enjoy. If you have any feedback on the quality of recommendations, we'd be very interested in hearing your thoughts. Write to us at

Autoplay Recommendations

Another way to find music you like is the autoplay recommendations feature. Once your selected album or playlist has finished playing, IDAGIO will keep playing music that is similar to what you were just listening to. By default, this feature is enabled. If you want to switch it off, go to your settings and turn the autoplay toggle to "off".

Email Newsletter

Every Friday, we send out a hand-curated newsletter with a selection of highlights from new additions to the catalog, guiding you to new and noteworthy recordings.

Social Media

We also post recommendations for new albums and concerts on our social media accounts. Follow us on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram to keep up with the latest recommendations and news.

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