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Which devices can I listen to IDAGIO on?
Which devices can I listen to IDAGIO on?

Supported devices and system requirements

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IDAGIO is available on all popular devices and platforms, so you can take your classical music library with you wherever you go.

Your IDAGIO account can be used on up to six devices at a time, regardless of the platform, for no extra charge. However, please note that simultaneous playback on several devices is not available.

You can listen with IDAGIO via our website at, or download the app for your device using the following links:

What about older devices and less common operating systems?

The IDAGIO app is currently supported on mobile devices running iOS 11.4 or Android 10 upwards. If your device is outside this category, or you are running Linux, or older Windows or MacOS systems, we recommended using our website via

Sadly, we cannot ensure back compatibility in a fast evolving IT landscape, as some of the new features are not compatible with older software versions. Using Firefox or Chrome on these devices, you will however be able to play our best lossless audio quality, too.

For advice on how to play music through your sound system, take a look at this article:

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