Connecting IDAGIO to Bluesound with BluOS

Lossless audio quality needs a high-end device: stream IDAGIO through your Bluesound device

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IDAGIO is available for BluOS, so you can add IDAGIO as a music service and enjoy your favourite classical music directly in your Bluesound device. Here's how:

  1. Open your BluOS app, on the main menu on the left, select Music Services

  2. Select IDAGIO from the list

  3. Follow the steps in order to log in to your IDAGIO account

  4. Once completed, you can stream IDAGIO directly within the BluOS app

Please note that it is not possible to stream via the Bluesound app unless you are a Premium or Premium+ subscriber. Otherwise, you will see "Error: There is no suitable media format."

However, no matter your subscription plan (Free, Premium or Premium+) you can also use AirPlay or Bluetooth to connect your device to your Bluesound speaker and play your music directly from the IDAGIO app. Take a look at the following articles for detailed instructions on how to do that:

You can find more information on BluOS and compatible devices on their official site.

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