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Streaming IDAGIO to wireless speakers via Nativ
Streaming IDAGIO to wireless speakers via Nativ
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You can listen to IDAGIO through your wireless speakers using your Nativ device. Nativ Vita can stream to virtually any wireless speaker, including WiFi, Bluetooth, AirPlay or Google Cast-enabled speakers. It features the latest Bluetooth aptX® technology, so you can enjoy high-quality music on your wireless headphones and speakers.

Simply tap on the “…” icon in the navigation bar and select the STREAM option:

The multi-room streaming control interface is divided into 2 sections:

  • NOW PLAYING ON THIS DEVICE shows the music that is currently playing on your Vita.

  • STREAM TO: NETWORK DEVICES shows all the wireless speakers and devices that the Vita can find in your network. Simply tap on the SELECT button to stream music to any device, and control the volume individually by sliding the control from left to right. 


  • Playing music on devices with different streaming technologies (e.g. streaming to an AppleTV and Sonos speaker) might not be perfectly synchronised.

  • For more information and support on Nativ devices, please take a look at their user guide and FAQs.

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