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How do I redeem a gift card or voucher?
How do I redeem a gift card or voucher?

You have received a gift card or voucher code. Here is how to claim it.

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If you do not have an IDAGIO account, yet:
Please go to on your computer where you can enter your code and create an account in one step.

If you already have an IDAGIO account:
Please go to on your computer, and simply use the email and password to your IDAGIO account, together with the voucher code.

In your IDAGIO iOS app:
Simply go to your settings via the little cog wheel icon in the top right corner of your Collection. Scrolling down will show the option Redeem a Voucher. Add the code here to add it to the account using the app.

Please be aware that vouchers cannot be applied to accounts with running Apple or Android subscriptions, without cancelling first.
After cancelling please wait for your Apple or Android subscription to expire, then you can enter the gift card.
Your Collection remains saved with us at all times, there is no interruption to your IDAGIO experience.

If you already have a running code, simply wait until it runs out.
Only then, a new one can be accepted to your account.

If you have a monthly subscription directly with us,

go to and redeem it there. The voucher simply pauses the regular payment collection of your previous subscription for x months. The then mentioned date gives the duration of the voucher. After it runs out, you will be billed on the same day as was before in the regular billing cycle.

Since the voucher do not expire, there is no rush to redeem.

Please get in touch if you have any questions or are experiencing any difficulties.

Happy listening!

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