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Listening offline with IDAGIO
Listening offline with IDAGIO

Take classical music with you without worrying about using precious mobile data.

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You can download music from your Collection onto your mobile and listen on the go without the need for a network connection. This is useful to save on mobile data volume, or if you are travelling and network access is limited, in the mountains for instance. 

Tap the circled downwards arrow, and the app will start saving music in the IDAGIO app on your device.

Keep in mind that higher quality settings require more bandwidth to download, and space on your device.

You can always check which items are available offline by switching your device into Airplane mode and opening your Collection.

If you need to free up space on your device, you can remove downloads by simply pressing the download button again. If you want to delete all of your downloads, you can also just delete the app from your phone and install it again from the App Store.

See below for what items are available to download per platform.

Mobile apps
Our Android and iOS app supports offline listening of Tracks, Recordings, Playlists and Albums. Saving on an external memory card is currently not possible.

Desktop and web appplication
Offline support in our desktop apps is currently not planned. The offline function is reserved for mobile devices, as we assume that most computers or laptops are connected to the internet either via a fixed connection or via WLAN.

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