There are three ways to subscribe to IDAGIO:
Directly with us (via our website), via the Apple App Store or via the Google Play store.

You can use the same account across up to 6 devices, no matter what platform or where you subscribed to IDAGIO. 
For instance, subscribe via our website and use it on your computer, in your browser at work, on your iPhone during commute, and on your siblings tablet.

IDAGIO Web Subscription

When subscribing directly with us, you have the choice between Premium+ and Premium+ Concerts. For Premium+ Concerts, you can choose between a monthly subscription, a six month subscription, or a yearly subscription. In order to select your desired subscription, simply follow these steps:

  • Enter your account details or create a new account

  • Select Subscribe now in the top right corner

  • Subscribe using either debit, credit or voucher

You can find a pricing overview here.

IDAGIO Apple Subscription

To subscribe via the Apple store:

  • Open the IDAGIO app

  • Either log into your existing account by selecting Already have an account? Log in or create a new one

  • Select the Subscribe tab

  • Follow steps to subscribe via the Apple App Store

IDAGIO Google Play Subscription

To subscribe via the Google Play store:

  • Open the IDAGIO app

  • Select Account Setting (cog symbol in top right corner)

  • Scroll down to and select Subscribe now

  • Scroll down to select your subscription plan

  • Follow steps to subscribe via the Google Play Store

For subscription prices, please read our pricing FAQ. Please note that vouchers can only be redeemed with IDAGIO web subscriptions. See our FAQ on how to redeem a voucher for more details.

In case you have any further questions, please contact us.

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