If you are an IDAGIO Free user, you can upgrade to an IDAGIO subscription at any time. You can do so through our website and desktop apps, or on our mobile apps for Android or iOS devices.

When you subscribe via our website, there is only one plan available, so you automatically join our Premium+ plan with all IDAGIO features and benefits.

If you subscribed to IDAGIO through our mobile apps and wish to change your subscription plan, please follow the instructions below.

IDAGIO Apple Subscription

If you subscribed to IDAGIO via the Apple Store, please follow these steps to upgrade from Premium to Prremium+ Concerts (with lossless audio quality):

  • Open the IDAGIO app
  • Select Collection > Account Settings (cog symbol in top right corner)
  • Scroll down to Audio Quality
  • Select Lossless and follow steps to upgrade your subscription

Alternatively, on the iOS device you used to subscribe, go to your device settings, select your Apple-ID > Subscriptions > IDAGIO > select one of our IDAGIO Premium+ Concerts options

Apple will charge you for your new subscription immediately and refund you the difference in 5-10 working days.

IDAGIO Google Play Subscription

If you subscribed to IDAGIO via the Google Play Store, please follow these steps to upgrade from Premium to Premium+ (with lossless audio quality):

  • Cancel your current subscription - For further information on how to do this, please visit the Google Play support page here
  • Once the current month of your Standard-subscription expires, you can then resubscribe. If you do not wish to wait, get in touch with us at contact@idagio.com. To resubscribe, please open the app and go to Settings > Subscription Status > Renew Subscription and scroll down to select Premium+

IDAGIO Web Subscription

All subscriptions created directly via the IDAGIO website are already Premium+. Simply go to your Account Settings and change the audio setting to enjoy lossless audio!

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