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What audio quality does IDAGIO deliver?
What audio quality does IDAGIO deliver?
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There are three different audio quality settings available on IDAGIO: Normal, High, and Lossless. 

IDAGIO Free users only have access to the Normal audio setting, IDAGIO Premium users can access Normal and High, and IDAGIO Premium+ users can access Normal, High and Lossless.

By default, IDAGIO plays in the Normal setting — with slight differences in bitrate and format between platforms:

  • iOS app: AAC format at 160 kbps

  • Android app: AAC format at 192 kbps

  • Web player and desktop apps: MP3 format at 192 kbps

You can change the audio quality settings within the music player or by visiting your Account Settings.

All IDAGIO Premium and Premium+ listeners have the option to select the audio quality setting High, which would deliver audio in MP3 format at 320 kbps for all platforms.

Premium+ subscribers have access to our best audio quality setting – Lossless. With this setting, music will be delivered in stunning FLAC format, at 16-bit 44.1 kHz. This audio format is supported by all platforms, but unfortunately not all web browsers support lossless streaming. For the best experience, we recommend using our desktop apps.

Please be aware that lossless audio files are significantly larger than compressed files. Therefore, your data usage will increase significantly when listening to music in the Lossless setting. If you experience dropouts or connection issues, check your internet connection or try lowering the audio quality.

For any further questions about our audio quality, please don't hesitate to contact us.

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