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IDAGIO and CarPlay: Setup Guide
IDAGIO and CarPlay: Setup Guide

Listening on the car is now easier than ever!

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Apple CarPlay allows you to connect IDAGIO to your car and control your music experience directly from its built-in display. It is a safer and smarter way to listen to IDAGIO in the car, as it allows you to focus on the road instead of on your phone.

How to set up IDAGIO and CarPlay

In order to play IDAGIO through CarPlay, simply follow these setup instructions below:

  1. Start your car. Make sure Siri is enabled and activated in your iPhone

  2. Connect your iPhone to your car, either with a cable or wirelessly — depending on your car's system

    When you connect your iPhone to your car for the first time, you might receive a popup screen asking for your permission to allow the use of CarPlay while your device is locked. Press Allow to proceed.

  3. Open the IDAGIO app on your iPhone

  4. Log in to your IDAGIO account

  5. Using your car's dashboard system, open Apple CarPlay

  6. Find and tap the IDAGIO app on CarPlay's interface

  7. You're ready to enjoy your favourite classical music!

For an in-depth guide on how to use IDAGIO on CarPlay's interface, visit the following article:


Every iPhone since the iPhone 5 is CarPlay-friendly, but the device needs to run iOS 7.1 or newer for the app to work.

Moreover, CarPlay can be added to cars with select stereo systems from the following brands:

  • Alpine

  • Blaupunkt

  • Clarion

  • JVC

  • Kenwood

  • Pioneer

  • Sony

In case you are having trouble using connecting IDAGIO to CarPlay, please let us know — send us an email at and we'll assist you.

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