It is possible to control IDAGIO from your keyboard on Web and in our desktop apps.

For an overview of keyboard shortcuts press H while you are using IDAGIO. In our desktop apps, you can also use the playback menu to see the shortcuts.

space Play / Pause
Seek forwards (5 seconds)
Seek backwards (5 seconds)
Shift Skip to next track
Shift Skip to previous track in queue
⌃ Control ⇧ Shift → Skip to next interpretation of movement
⌃ Control ⇧ Shift ← Skip to previous interpretation of movement
⇧ Shift ↑ Increase volume
⇧ Shift ↓ Decrease volume
F Add current track to collection
R Toggle repeat
⇧ Shift ⌫ Backspace Navigate to playing queue
/ Start search
H Show/hide keyboard shortcuts

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