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What is IDAGIO?
How does my subscription support musicians?
How does my subscription support musicians?
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We work with a Fair Artist Payout Model  –  but what does that mean for artists? 

It means two things  –  firstly that we pay artists and rights holders per second instead of per play, and secondly that we distribute royalties based on the actual listening behaviour of each single user. Here’s a closer look on why that’s fairer:

  • Reason 1: We pay artists per second. The average length of a classical music track is much, much longer than a pop track. Therefore by paying artists per second, they aren’t pressured into thinking about commercial gain  –  for example, creating shorter tracks to get a bigger share of royalties  – but can instead focus on making the music they want. 

  • Reason 2: We don’t pool subscriptions. Each individual user subscription is distributed depending on which tracks that individual has listened to over the course of a month. For example, if one user listens only to one artist during the month, all royalties will be paid to that one artist. So, the longer you listen to the recordings of one artist, the more of your monthly subscription money they receive. 

With IDAGIO you directly support the artists you love. It’s that simple.

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