Most music streaming services offer a broad catalogue with a variety of genres, music styles and a strong focus on popular music. For this reason it might be hard for classical music lovers to find their desired tracks or recordings in other music services.

IDAGIO is exclusively dedicated to classical music and offers a tailored search with access to more than 2,000,000 tracks from the most important classical labels. Its features include offline listening in lossless audio quality, expert-curated playlists and exclusive recordings you won't find anywhere else. 

Thanks to the vast amount of metadata available for each work, recording, album and track, you will be able to listen to and compare multiple interpretations of the same work. For example: if you are interested in Beethoven’s Symphony No. 9, you can compare more than 180 recordings on one page, filter them by conductor or orchestra, and add your favourite interpretations to your personal collection.

Moreover, we believe our payout model remunerates artists and right-holders in a fair way. You can learn more about our payout model by clicking here.

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